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Our story so far.

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, it’s been fun to watch the city grow. We love checking out all of the new restaurants, shops, and experiences that are now available in our amazing mid-size city.

Founded in 2016, Grand Rapids Girl was simply born out of an idea to be a quick resource for GR residents and visitors to choose a great restaurant, place to shop or event to attend.

Peppered with inspiration and personality, at Grand Rapids Girl we celebrate and introduce local Food, Shopping, Fitness, Entertainment and the Arts.

Our following has grown simply from sharing what we’re doing in Grand Rapids. With over 8000 followers on Instagram, we are proud to report that 90% of our followers are in GR, with the rest reporting from surrounding towns in West Michigan.

Grand Rapids is our passion, our love, and we only seek to serve the local community and guests of our city and surrounding areas. We favor the established business to the startup equally, and everything in between appealing to all ages.

At Grand Rapids Girl we set out to share all things our growing city has to offer.

Meet Two Grand Rapids Girls...

We are seeking and sharing and loving every minute!


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Based in Grand Rapids, MI, we are a dynamic influencer team ready to bring your business to life with engaging and creative promoted posts. Connect with us to tap into a vibrant audience and give your business the spotlight you deserve, right here in the heart of GR.


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Looking for a wider reach from influencers?

One half of GRG, Anne DiVitto, is the new owner of Word Out Influence; who specializes in full-service influencer campaigns, connecting brands with creators, amplifying brand awareness, and driving meaningful engagement on social media.


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The other half of GRG, Sue Sikkema, is the proud owner of GR Merch Girl; here to help you enhance your brand and create lasting relationships with your clients through thoughtfully selected imprinted goods.

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